Ready for a NEW YOU?!

StyleFinder ID™ is all about YOU! The unique awesome person you were put on this Earth to be. Style is what makes you feel great on the inside and look great on the outside. It’s the special pizazz that radiates into a room before you even walk in. It’s what people talk about after you leave the room.

StyleFinder ID™ is not about how to squeeze into a size zero outfit fresh off a runway in Paris. There is no such thing as having a bad style or a good style. There is only your style. And we’re going to help you find it. With StyleFinder ID™ you will discover your own, unique, individual style -  and then learn how to rock it!

We’ll help you:

  • Build a wardrobe system that will get you dressed fast, look your best, and gives you more time in your day.
  • Create an image that matches your message.
  • Save hundreds of dollars and hours of time on your next shopping trip.
  • Enjoy shopping – even if you hate it now.
  • Make any outfit in your closet look like it came out of a designer’s closet – in 3 simple steps


Michele took me through the process of finding my 40 best colors and then showed me how to integrate my colors into my wardrobe and completely shifted my perspective. I understood why I gravitated towards certain items in my wardrobe and realized I’d wasted money on other pieces that just didn’t “feel right”. Had I only had this tool years ago I would have saved loads of money and time by not wasting both on searching for and buying pieces that just didn’t work for me.

JJ VirginCo-star of TLC’s Freaky Eaters and author of“Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy”

If you’re an Entrepreneurial or Professional, our Style Success packages are targeted to your needs.

  • Dress for your changing attributes
  • Gain a professional competitive edge
  • Boost your image, build your brand
  • Rock the stage as a speaker, presenter, or public figure



If you’re a returned to work mom, retiree, or just looking to up your game, our One Chic Mama packages are targeted to: 

  • Dress for your changing attributes
  • Look your best whether you’re at work or play
  • Create an image that matches your personal style
  • Increase your wardrobe by 300% for free