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I received so many compliments!

I used to stand in my closet feeling anxious, confused & frustrated. My clothes were outdated & uninspiring. My excuse was I hated to shop-and I did. The same feelings of confusion, frustration & anxiety followed me to the mall. I’m SO happy I found Michele. I can honestly say she has changed my total perception of fashion, style & shopping. It has been like learning a new language & I love it.

Susan B

I have the tools I need to find the best looks!

Stylefinder makes shopping easy. Not only do they have unique clothing, they have an amazing staff under the direction of Mary. I recently did a style analysis and it was dead on. I have the tools I need to find the best looks for me and my personal style. If you have never done this before, you won’t regret it!

Donna M

Style Stories



Style Story 1 - Becky

Name Becky

Style ID Sporty

Occupation Engineer



Style Story 2 - Vera

Name Vera

Style ID Sporty

Occupation Engineer



Style Story 3 - Stephanie

Name Stephaine

Style ID Contemporary

Occupation Director

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Now I know that ALL my clothes work!

I’m amazed that my closet has much more room now that we’ve weeded out what wasn’t working, that I’m leaving the door open so I can appreciate it at all times. Now I know that ALL my clothes work and how to wear them to flatter me.

Jan S

New wardrobe and look!

Recently had Michele help me with a new wardrobe and look. She knows exactly how to make everything work together and I am loving it all! So glad to have reconnected with Michele, she is the best!

Cathy A